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Are You Finally Ready  To Age Without Worry?
  Our 42 Healthy Aging Experts Will Inspire You How To...    
Resolve Pain And Stay Active

Don't spend years suffering with pain that holds you back from enjoying life. We will give you the keys to staying active and keep you in the game.

Continue To Live A Life Of Purpose

What inspires you? How do you fill your life with purpose. Continue to make a difference in the world. 

Learn Top Secrets To Longevity

Live well into your 60's, 70's, 80's and beyond.  Uncover the secrets that defy the myths of age related decline. Look and feel great for decades.

Be Free From  Chronic Disease 
Decrease the time you spend in ill health and compromised quality of life.  Learn the biggest breakthroughs in combating chronic disease. 
Preserve Your Heath To Celebrate Life's Milestones

You don’t need to risk missing life’s milestones when you have the blueprint that will help you be there for the important times with a sense of pride.

Discover Simple Ways To Stay Independent

Maximize your physical, mental and financial health so you can stay independent and avoid becoming a burden to your loved ones. 

Meet Your Summit Host - Susan Brady, MPT

Susan S. Brady is a licensed Physical Therapist, Doctor of Integrative Medicine and Nutrition Consultant whose goal is to help you live your healthiest and most vibrant life possible.

After graduating from the University of Southern California in 1989 with a Master of Physical Therapy, she began working outpatient physical therapy treating individuals with a wide variety of muscle and skeletal disorders. In 2003, Susan began to pursue her Doctor of Integrative Medicine at Capital University of Integrative Medicine followed by obtaining her degree as a Certified Nutritionist from the American Health Science University in 2006. Susan then went on to a Post Master’s Certificate in Nutrition and Integrative Health from Maryland University of Integrative Health in 2014. 

Susan uses her extensive education in a variety of alternative treatments and therapies to evaluate a person as a whole, considering all aspects of one’s health and well-being.

Our Presenters
Amazing Presentations From Our World-Class Experts
Lisa Jackson, RN
 The Secret To Looking And Feeling 20 Years Younger. 
Fight aging skin from within. Discover the real reason anti-aging skin creams and remedies aren’t always the “miracles,” they’re advertised to be and lean how you can halt aging form the inside out.
Dr. Neil Spiegel, DO
 How To Age Without Aching 
Aging gracefully is an art form very few people take the time to master. Get the inside scoop on what you should be doing now to help prevent aches, pains and arthritis in the future. Discover new and exciting ways of treating pain including what supplements and diet are most effective.
Dr. Allan Tomson, DC
 Fix Or Prevent Your Forward Hunch 
Sit Up Straight! Don’t Slouch! Improper posture often results in the dreaded appearance of the “hunch.” Have no fear, healthy posture and “hunch” reversal is as effortless and easy as conducting this simple exercises a day.
Carrie Seifert, CSCS
 Safe And Sustainable Exercise Routines That Work 
No Pain, No Gain…a physical fitness motto most middle aged and over Americans are unfamiliar with, simply because they haven’t been in a gym since high school. If the thought of exercise makes you cringe,, you’re not alone. This breakthrough formula is designed to make you feel and look better without experiencing all that unnecessary pain.
Susan Brady, MPT
 How To Overcome Your Fear Of Falling By Building Stronger Bones 
Unearth three surprising secrets on how to stop bone loss after 50. You’ll also discover how to overcome the fear of falling so you can get back to enjoying life as it was intended. Our professional also reveals the shocking truth about calcium and what supplements you really need to be taking.
Dr. Arland Hill, DC
 Sustainable Energy To Keep You Vibrant and Active  
Tired of being…tired? Want to feel like you did when you were 40…30, how about 25? Discover the bottomless “Energy Well,” that has always been at your disposal and learn how to tap into it whenever the need arises!
Dr. Garland Glenn, DC, PScD
 Do You Have Early Alzheimer's Or Dementia?  The Truth May Shock You! 
Learn how to identify the early signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Find out how to clear the fog of forgetfulness and ways you can actually prevent and even reverse Alzhezeimer's. It doesn't have to happen to you!
David Miller, JD
 Prepare Your Living Will To Avoid Family Conflict Before It's Too Late! 
The single biggest mistake adults make is not having a will. In this session we discuss how to protect your assets with a living will. We’ll share the secrets of what needs to be included so your final wishes are honored while protecting your family fortune.
David Miller, JD
 Never Run Out Of Money!  Ensuring That You Will Never Become A Burden To Your Family 
Money management is the key to successfully enjoying your retirement well into your Golden Years. Our professional delivers expert advice on how to get the most bang out of your buck and how to make sure you never have to worry about going broke or becoming a burden.
Colleen Turner, LCSW
 The Truth About Medicare  
Take a trip through the mystery that is Medicare. Our experts pull back the curtain to reveal everything you need to know about parts A, B, C & D, giving you the ability to enroll with confidence knowing whether you will require supplemental coverage or not.
Dr. Vikram Raya, MD
 How To Keep Your Ticker Ticking 
Find out the lifesaving secrets you need to be aware of right now to help prevent your heart from becoming a ticking time bomb. We dive right into the heart of the matter and pull back the curtains on what roles diet and exercise play in regards to heart health and unmask the truth about cholesterol.
Dr. Jonathan Stegall, MD
 Cancer! How To Prevent Or Beat It 
Cancer is a six letter word, not a death sentence! In this session we tackle the tough questions on treatment and prevention. Discover how you can fight family history, what to do beyond chemo and radiation, as well as what dietary changes to make on your journey back to health.
Dr. Mona Morstein, ND
 Reverse Diabetes? New Evidence 
What if we told you diabetes can be reversed? Seriously, check out this breakthrough approach to blood sugar management that is virtually guaranteed to help reduce and regulate blood sugar numbers.
Dr. John Ratcliffe, DC
 Effective And Natural Treatments For Neuropathy 
Tired of being sidelined by neuropathy? We pull back the blinds and uncover the truth about which treatments are providing the best results for patients everywhere and finish by teaching new methods for reducing the risk of falls.
Dr. Aimee Shunney, ND
 CBD Exposed: Is It Really Safe And Effective? 
Caveat emptor; let the buyer beware! In this discussion we dive into the misunderstood world of CBD oil and how it differs from marijuana. We spell out the pros and cons to reveal the known benefits and teach you how to determine the “good stuff” from the bunk junk being sold strictly for profit.
Elsa Lam, RPh
 Miracle Supplements ... Avoid The Scams 
Stop wasting your early retirement funds on unnecessary supplements. This information packed interview investigates the advantages and disadvantages of the vitamin and supplement industry and takes a deep dive into how to determine what supplements you really need.
Beth Templin, DPT
 The 3 Keys To Staying Independent The Rest Of Your Life 
Independence often comes at a premium; let us show you how to safeguard yours. We’ll explore the obstacles you are most likely to face, what kind of support you are most likely to need, as well as how to plan a path that will protect your independence until your passing.
Iris Waichler, MSW, LCSW
 Caring For Others Without Neglecting Yourself 
The self-care support system is something all caregivers need to have close at hand. This session provides expert advice on how to prevent “caretaker crash,” how to address self-protection, and where to find the best community support.
Patricia Creel, DPT
 Neurologic Disease & Parkinson's: What's Really Happening! 
Neurological disorders, like Parkinson's, become more prevalent and possible as we age. Powerful insider information on prevention techniques you can begin applying now and how to detect early warning signs such as tremors, plus what to do if they occur.
Dr. Marc Grossman, OD, LAc
 Focusing On Your Eye Health 
Get crystal clear insight on what steps you should be taking now to preserve your vision, including valuable nutritional information that might literally save your sight. This session also shares important eye-opening information about floaters, macular degeneration and glaucoma.
Brooke Kalisiak, DPT
 Oops I Did It Again!  Improve Your Bladder Control With Ease 
Say goodbye to those embarrassing moments related to loss of bladder control once and for all. This edge of your seat interview instructs us on the main causes of urinal leakage and provides professional insight on modern management techniques and how to employ them.
Dr. Clifford Gluck, MD
 Men's Sexual Health Unmasked: Solutions and Prevention 
The forbidden presentation on men's sexual health; a topic all men shrink away from. In this expert expose our professional shares cutting edge treatments specifically to help men's sexual wellness. Take a peek at this program and get your vitality back.
Dr. Diana Hoppe, MD
 How To Get The Best Out Of Sex After 50! 
Learn how to keep your libido alive, active and virtually insatiable. This intimately insightful interview reveals realistic and sensible approaches to keeping your middle aged sex life better than satisfying…downright sensational!
Dr. Diana Hoppe, MD
 Menopause: Making The Change With Ease And Grace 
Bring those uncontrollable hot flashes to a halt once and for all. Steal the secrets shared in this session to make this life changing circumstance more manageable. Our expert weighs in on diet, exercise and hormone replacement therapy to help you flow through your fifties.
Tori Trocki, CNS
 Gut Check! Restore Declining Health 
Detect the hidden clues for achieving optimal health by joining this dialogue on various ways to balance the bacteria in your digestive system to help ward off diseases. Make the most of understanding your gut microbiome and learn how to restore declining health.
Dr. Marc DiNola, DDS
 Keeping Your Teeth for Life 
Stronger teeth, better smelling breath, and a more confident smile are as easy as 1-2-3. Spend less than 10 minutes a day getting your oral health and hygiene in order. Hear recommendations from our experts on tooth loss, grinding teeth, and getting dentures if necessary.
Cindy Santa Ana, NT
 Speeding Up Your Aging Metabolism 
Breathe new life into your middle aged metabolism and stop wasting time on diets that aren’t going anywhere. We show you how to get the results you want by adopting the right exercise regimen and adding more fat burning foods to your daily diet plan.
Colleen Turner, LCSW
 Simple Ways To Beat Depression & Loneliness 
Depression doesn’t have to be your destiny! Take advantage of these amazingly simple methods and start using them immediately to turn blue days into “you” days. Reconnect with society by following recommendations from one of the leading experts on emotional health.
Dr. Kelenne Tuitt, DO
 Finally Sleep Through The Night Again 
Sleep is a necessity our bodies crave; restful sleep is a luxury we all deserve. Unearth new routines and rituals designed to wipe out 2:00 am wake ups so you can rise each morning refreshed, energized, and ready to rule your world.
Hugh Byrne
 The Meditation Masterclass 
Tap into the ancient technologies and techniques yogis use to maintain focus and a sense of self-centered calmness by mastering the art of meditation and mindfullness. Experience the amazing serenity of restoring tranquility and learn how to achieve it in just a few minutes per day.
Howard Fishman
 Carving Out Your Highest Purpose In Retirement 
Feeling lost? Retirement shouldn't signal the end of a purposeful life. But for many Americans, exploring avenues of opportunity in retirement are hampered by finances or the need to remain at work. Here are the challenges of modern retirement, as well as solutions toward building your best--in-class Third Act!
Suzanne Robotti
 Medication Myths! What You Don't Know Could Kill You 
Medication safety 101: Medications side effects become more problematic as we age. What medications are safe, which you should avoid. Our inside investigator lays it all on the line in this “can’t miss” interview.
Miriam Gibbs, LPC
 Eliminate Stress & Anxiety Naturally 
Calm, cool and collected; learn how to control your emotions by recognizing your triggers and understanding how to implement natural approaches designed to annihilate anxiety and squash stress so you can enjoy your Golden Years without all that unhealthy worry.
Julianne O'Dwyer
 How To Strengthen Your Immunity In A Toxic World 
MAYDAY! MAYDAY! My body is under attack! Find out what our expert has to say about the dangers of toxins. Discover natural approaches to bulletproofing your immune system so you can fight off any invader.
Kirsten Schowalter
 Coping With Grief 
Grief is a lonely journey. Learn how 3 "misconceptions" about grief may be holding you back. Learn how whenever a good thing in your life ends you can find a healing journey that will make you feel more accepted, connected, and loved every step of the way.
Dr. Kevin Conners, DPSc
 Your Genes Are Not Your Destiny 
What the heck a SNP is and why do you need to know now before it's too late? Learn how to overcome you genetic predispositions so you don't become a victim of your genes.
Tracey Vincel, PT
Learn about common “wear and tear” movement dysfunctions that accompany aging and discover the specific movement techniques and exercise strategies to prevent early onset hip and knee osteoarthritis and low back pain. Today's minor aches don't have to become tomorrow's major pains!
Dr. Lindsey Berkson, DC, CNS
 Sexy Hormones Spark Healthy Aging 
Learn about how a hormone no one is talking about can help you live a better, younger, older age.  Welcome to the hormone masterclass deep dive that can radically change your health!
Howard Fishman
 Delaying Retirement? Remaining Relevant In Today's Volatile Workplace 
Ageism and the volatile workplace will cause more than 56% of Boomers to lose their jobs and only 10% will find a new job that earns as much. Learn how to remain relevant where you are, or build relevance where you're going.
Jason Elias, MA, Lac
 7 Graces Of Ageless Aging 
Learn the secrets to feeling young no matter what your age and dying as late in life as possible. From harnessing the power of the mind to heal to nurturing your body, your discover 7 proven secrets for living a long, vibrant life without pain.
Nicole Christina, LCSW
 Finding Happiness With Sustainable Health Habits 
Tired of jumping from one health kick to the next? Discover the key ingredients to sustainable, lasting health habits so that you can life with freedom and love life everyday!
Dr. Joel Evans, MD
 What Foods Are Affecting Your Health? Uncovering Hidden Food Sensitivities 
This is must see interview for anyone seeking optimal health!  Our expert exposes how even healthy foods can contribute to disease. Get a glimpse into testing and how to overcome food sensitives that might be holding you back.
Michael Edson, LAc
Brain Health Basics: A Holistic Approach to Maintaining Mental Fitness
Despite what you were told for years, you CAN actually make new brain cells and our expert tells you how.  Discover the foods and nutrients essential for boosting brain power.
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42 Top Healthy Aging Experts
Ever wonder why some adults (50-75 years or older) seem to have it all and others end up drawing the short stick?  Learn from 42 world-class experts in the industry as they share their advice on living a healthy, active lifestyle and learning lifestyle strategies that will prevent a decline in your health.
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There is no substitute for high quality educational resources that allow you to connect with our experts through presentations that foster easy to understand tactics and strategies engineered to help you achieve maximum results.
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Presentations are available in both video and audio for easy access.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is The Healthy Aging Summit?
The 4-day digital event consists of 42 world-class experts in the field of aging who are sharing their inside secrets, tactics, and strategies on living a healthy, active lifestyle.

Are travel accommodations required to attend?
No! The Healthy Aging Summit is an online virtual event you attend from any location using any device when your schedule permits. Our expert interviews and presentations are available for free on the day they launch for the summit to anyone who has claimed their free pass. Access links are emailed each day of the summit for the presentations going live that day.

The summit can’t really be free... what’s the catch?
Registration for the Healthy Aging Summit is currently free. Once registration has been confirmed, your access links will be emailed each day of the summit for the training sessions going live on that day. Each training session remains available for 24 hours from 9am - 9am the following day, after which, those sessions are moved to the Healthy Aging Summit VIP Access Pass Holder Member’s Area. If you think you might miss any of these vitally important training sessions, you may want to consider securing access to the recordings, professional notes, and amazing bonuses.  You'll see the VIP Pass Offer after you register for your free pass above.

What happens if I miss one of the training sessions?
Each training session can be accessed by Free Pass holders for up to 24 hours each day of the summit. This allows you to maintain your life and still find time to catch each of these amazing presentations. You may also elect to upgrade your Free Pass to a VIP All-Access Pass which will grant lifetime access to all summit presentations at a low introductory price to help empower you to take action on what you'll learn!

Do you have a refund policy for your VIP All-Access Pass?
We are so confident you will love Healthy Aging Summit All-Access Pass and all the amazing value it contains, we offer a full 100% refund of your purchase, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, for up to 90 FULL DAYS! How’s that for a guarantee!?

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